What’s Good?

After my ex broke up with me, she told me she’d started journaling things she was thankful for.  Since that time she’s gotten married  and had two more kids. I figure there’s something to it.

I joined a dream interpretation Meetup, and one of the thing the leader of the group recommended was never to use my journal for venting.  I’ve found that this has helped immensely, as it’s allowed me to do what my ex did and sure enough, my life does feel better.  Even during the period when… wait, let me get to my list.  Usually I do this on paper, but it’s late, I’m tired, and I just want to get it done.  So here goes.


What’s Good (This Past Week):

Got my laptop fixed for $50 from an honest shop, not for the $150 Best Buy was trying to charge me for a new one, after saying they’d have to charge that much just to look at my old one.

My temp assignment is going into its fifth week, and they’ve frequently said they like me.  They are teaching me new skills that I can add to my resume, which has given me plenty of work.

I had a great conversation with the pretty lady from the other Toastmasters club.  Slowly but surely, I can feel her softening toward me.

I found a great new cheap dry cleaner, so my work clothes are finally getting washed properly.

I found some Nestle peanut butter / chocolate combination spread, and it’s delicious.

I’ve notice two things from recording my dreams: 1) I’m frequently doing things I feel guilty about, as though I shouldn’t be doing them, and 2) I have a lot of dreams where I’m watching something on TV and then somehow it spills into real life.

My friend and I are going to go see a new movie together, after months of not being able to do so because everything blew. After that we’re seeing the South Park exhibit at the Paley Center, the day before it closes.

I noticed and paid my public storage bill just in the nick of time.

I realized that the idea that religion has to make literal sense is a Western concept, both from the Good Muslim / Bad Muslim podcast, and from this article.  The rituals and rules of Islam are the religion – not the concepts of it, or put another way, actions speak louder in Islam than words or ideas. So in its own way, it does “make sense.”

Bill Clinton had one of his best interviews, IMO, on “The Daily Show” this week.  He totally seems to agree with me, that our problems are not the other guy, but painting the other guy as the enemy.

All in all, a pretty good week, I think! 🙂




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