Collab Creations

Hey, if it works for Matt & Trey…!

Here’s what I know for sure: I am a really good comic book writer.

I’m not a great one, but I’m really good.  I don’t consider myself great because I don’t have many original ideas, and I get stuck at times.  But once I overcome those blocks, it frightens me how easy it is to be off to the races, and when I make big mistakes, I just have to stop, let time pass and my emotion drain, and then just go back at it.  I call it the “domino effect” – even if I’m unmotivated to write, I tell myself, “just write ONE panel.”  I have never been able to do that without everything snowballing from there.  Writing the one panel is like knocking over that first domino.  I feel like I ca write almost anything in comic book form if pushed or inspired to do so.

That’s where LAFriend comes in.

What I realized last night is that LAFriend has a TON of ideas, but is not motivated, and thus able to write them.  When I brought up the possibility of the two of us writing a comic together, he gave me a GREAT idea.  As soon as we’re able to flesh it out together, I know I will whip that script out, just as I’ve whipped out every other (I did it just today, my second in the past WEEK).  What I realize now is that the reason why there are so many writing teams is that if you’re good, but not great, you need that other person.  You need somebody who is strong where you are weak and vice versa.  I think I script better than most amateurs.  I can’t plot for shit, though.  LAFriend can plot like nobody’s business, but scripting takes a long time for him.

This could totally work.  I’m feeling it.

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