…I really don’t like my job.

I won’t say I hate it, because it’s tolerable, or else I wouldn’t do it.  But it’s unstable and frankly, really UN-stimulating.  Going back to it after a week off I immediately felt the malaise, the sense that I wasn’t learning anything, wasn’t helping anyone and was once again just a wage slave, a whore for capitalism.  And that was just yesterday (day one).

There are several possibilities of me doing better, but they all require trading in stability.  Recruiters have expressed interest in helping me get something better, something more in line with what I’m educated in and what I really want to do.  I did an interview to become part of a government pool, so should something become available, I would be qualified to interview (and you bet your ass I will).  My new year’s resolution was to refresh my memory on networking, and I could potentially work it that way.  All possible, but all requiring effort and sacrifice on my part, and frankly, I am just too old and tired to make a move.  I just don’t have much fight in me.

At the end of the day, a job is a job is a job.  The goal is to be able to support yourself, and with this I can.  If I want to feel happier about life, I have to build a social life, because that is what I value most.  Working to get a different job, IMO, is an answer, but an uncertain one.  Building a life I enjoy, that my job is just a part of, not the focus, is more in line with what I really want to do.

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