Taking Stock

A pause for the cause

So in spite of how negative I’ve been, I remain confident that I will get a job soon.  The Asian place hopefully will call me for an interview in the next three hours or so (and of course, I will be bummed if they don’t, thus invalidating everything I am about to type), thus giving me a shot at that file clerk job.  Or the Docketing Clerk gig I applied and followed up (a crucial missing piece, I realize) today will call and hook me up with that.  Or my test for LACOE will go well and I’ll get the legal clerk position.  And I know I’m qualified for the financial aid advisor one I applied for minutes ago, and that one is nearby (same town), and probably pays well, I’m guessing at least $35G’s a year, and I pay $350 a month in rent.  I am not going to follow that one up because I don’t want it a ton, but it too could solve my problem.  Again, paying so little in rent helps tremendously – who knows?  If I get something decent, I may even get to start investing with Jiantjay, assuming I don’t blow it all on strippers.

When I get some energy back, I should apply for all of the writing job leads Dante sent me too.  Inshallah, that will finally begin that secondary income I want, an income that gives me a chance at a writing career.  Again, I’m not without talent, and were I motivated to do more, I surely would.

Right now, though, I am boring of this entry as I write it.  So I think I will watch a movie instead.

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