The Only Way Out Is Up

The Only Way Out Is Up

Here’s reality: I cannot control the weather of the passage of time.

Right now, I am doing everything I can physically do to get through this. I cannot do this anywhere else – I am enrolled in a school here. I cannot change the weather – it is what it is. And I cannot get this done any sooner – Hell, I haven’t even /started/ yet! If I made more money, I wouldn’t have to go out in the cold so much, but that would require finding another job, which is not easy to do, and my scheduled is taxed to the hilt as it is. There is absolutely nothing I can physically do to make this better. But there is one thing I /can/ do.

Change my attitude.

Much easier said (or in this case, written) than done, as the unchangeable conditions are really what’s messing up the ‘tude int he first place. It’s the only thing, however, that’s malleable in theory, so it behooves me to try. Which I guess has always been her point – in life, we control next to nothing in the physical world. The only thing we can affect is how we feel. As difficult as that is, at least we have a chance at it. The other things, like I said, I cannot do anything about – I cannot make time go faster; I cannot change the weather; I cannot make more money without compromising something else (quitting with keep me out of the cold too, but again, that doesn’t help me with money). I just need to learn to focus on other things to try to make it more bearable. Have to remember that.

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