On Research

On Research

I think I may have found the way to enjoy this kind of work.

Even though it takes a lot so far to get me motivated to do it, researching a topic is actually intellectually stimulating. As I read more and more about a given topic, my mind finds ways to apply it to other things, and gives me bigger, more interesting philosophical ideas. And as a result, the work goes fast, the time flies, and I enjoy it.

If I can just get into the habit of reminding myself that paying attention to what I’m researching will enrich me, give me new ideas to discuss, and perhaps give me solutions to problems I did not previously see, I can motivate myself to do things like this, and stay motivated. The fun of research is learning something that maybe you can apply personally – not to your life, necessarily, but to your constant internal dialogue about the problems of the world and how you would solve them if you were in charge. That’s “fun”. And that might get you through this. Nice.

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