Things I Learned This Week

Things I Learned This Week

Here’s the positive realizations I had this week:

1 – When I am low, I need a victory to pick me back up.

2 – Quitting is not an option or a good policy. When you make a mistake, you accept responsibility, fix what you can, and move on, not give up.

3 – Weather kicks my ass, but if I give myself some time to let the emotion associated with fighting the weather dissipate, I will be fine.

4 – Never assume the worst. Even when it looks bad, don’t commit suicide. Let them tell you when you’ve failed.

5 – If you find yourself getting angry and blaming someone else, try to narrow down who or what really is to blame. It’s perfectly okay to blame inanimate objects. Not people. This mental exercise will allow your critical thinking skills to kick back in and possibly solve your problem.

6 – Just because you make common sense mistakes does not mean you’re stupid. Why? Because you know for a fact that you excel at more difficult, “frontal lobe” activities.

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