What I Need (“Secret” Item)

Continuing with the theme of “if THE SECRET is true”…

I need something to cheer me up quickly that’s not pornographic.

Not only is porn expensive, but oftentimes, it leaves me feeling more depressed than I was previously. It consumes time for nothing. During THE SECRET, they had a story where a lady who was suffering from cancer watched a ton of comedies. I need something like that, something that makes me feel good; something that makes me smile.

TV does that for me, but if there is nothing available for me to watch (either online or on television), I’m stuck. And if I have some important task pending that I need to do, it will just make me feel guilty, like that time could have been used for something more constructive, and I wasted it. Not a fan of that feeling.

For the tasks I need to complete, my friend who’s studying to be a therapist gave me this advice:

> Nikki: the best way I know is to break things down into
> managable pieces, and give yourself small rewards in between, to recognize
> what
> you’ve accomplished
> that gives the focusing energy a break, and allows you to
> replenish a little
> but, some people work better with stress/pressure

As for cheering myself up when I’m down, I got nuttin.  In the past, I’ve had friends to talk to / hang out with that cheered me up; I also used to read comic books.  For the former, I am hoping that when my cousin returns to town, he can help with that, or this film group I just joined.  For the latter… I dunno.

AN IDEA:  Make a “to do” list.  Not of tasks like signing up for health care (which are what cause guilt when I don’t do them), but of things I just “want” to do.  Like read about a topic on Wikipedia, or read an article online.  When stuck, refer to that list.

Worth a try…



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