Focus On What You Have, What You Want, And What It Will Feel Like To Have It

I am at a loss as to what to think about this.

The reason it gives me pause is because there are things that have happened in my life that suggest its truth. I have been fascinated, forever, at how, if I think about a song, within a few days, I will hear it. I have always thought about serendipitous coincidences, which I used to use to prove the existence of God. If “The Secret” exists, it has definitely worked for me. And that’s why this gives me pause.

The skepticism comes from the fact that it implies magic, and magic is so outside the realm of rational possibility (to our knowledge), that I don’t know. But as the comic book Turok illustrated, to somebody without knowledge of how it works, all of science would be magic. If we were able to travel back in time, and used technology, the people in that earlier time would think of us as magicians. The Flash, as I recall, had a villain… “Abra Kadabra” who came from the 64th Century, so to people here in the 20th, he seemed to have magical powers, but he was just using science from his time. So I dunno.

As with most things, it all comes down to what I don’t know.


I don’t see the harm in focusing on what I want and what it would feel like to get it, rather than the worst case scenario or jumping to the negative conclusion. I also don’t see the harm in reminding myself of those things I have, and thanking God for them, rather than thinking about what I don’t. Will this eliminate setbacks from my life? No. Hmmm.

Today I want to talk to my friend about how one creates motivation. To my friend who wanted me to watch this video, I should ask about setbacks and how he deals with them.

Baby steps. Just focus on what I want, what it will feel like to get it, and what I have that I’m thankful for. See what that does for me.

(ADDENDUM: Just spoke to my friend about setbacks.  He referred me to the part of the video where they talk about a plant growing, how its roots are underground, just waiting to break through to the surface.  He thinks about setbacks that way – that he’s about to break through, so all he needs to do is take the lessons he learned from the setback, apply them, and keep moving onward and upward.  Eventually, he /will/ break through, and he has.

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