Once Again, I Do Not Know What To Do

Here’s the situation: I cannot make my loan payments right now, because I have no income.  My job does not pay me until October 18th.  This means I should request a deferment, right?  Can’t do that because I can’t prove income or lack thereof.  EDD never even responded to my application for unemployment, so I can’t prove that.  No pay stubs, so I can’t prove “future earnings”.  I should call Sallie Mae to let them know, right?  I have a prepaid cell phone – costs me money. 

To quote Alan Harper, “I am…. eh so screwed.”

Critical thinking tells me that I should either eat $50 (which I thought about using for medication or to make my car insurance payment), buy a ton of cell minutes, and call Sallie Mae to explain what’s going on.  That’s a big “investment”.  Other option is to ask a friend who has a regular cell phone if I can borrow theirs to call Sallie Mae.  Problem with that is that Sallie Mae is only open odd hours, which won’t be when I am hanging out with somebody who can lend me their cell. 

Think I may just eat the $50 tomorrow.  Maybe what I’ll do now is see how much I owe State Farm for car insurance to see if maybe I can eat $100 instead, paying both. 

Yeah, I don’t see another option.  Fuck it, let’s go.



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