ImageSo after the great day I had and all the good work I did with my friend, it comes down to this.

I don’t know if I can find a place for the weekend.

Logically, my producing partner already said yes to a few days stint, so it should be okay.  I just have the fear that’s been rescinded somehow, as my other friend’s offer was.  If he can’t do it, I have to ask her, and she made it very clear that she really hates this.  Sad how both my best friend out here and the person I’ve driven hundreds of miles at this point have space, and neither can accommodate me simply because of their own personal discomfort. Stuff like this is why I’ve never assumed the kindness of others.  Just because I would do something has never been a good measure of whether or not other people would.  My current roommate doesn’t really have space, yet I’ve been with him for weeks now (almost a month).  He just wants a weekend to himself in his apartment.  My friends who have space, however?  Nuthin’

Fuck it, just see how it goes.  Worrying simply doesn’t help (or can be helped – that was my point to my other friend.  Logically, it is too soon to worry.  My mind, however, never sees it that way.

Time to go to bed.  Rest of the day was fun, though.


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